Contest for the selection of e-facilitators’ good practices in favour of social inclusion

The Contest of e-facilitators’ good practices is an activity of the RAISE4e-Inclusion Project aimed at enhancing the e-facilitators’ professional experience and the promotion of their mobility through the sharing of good practices.

This contest will be open to e-facilitators who have a training practice aimed at social and digital inclusion of people affected by their lack of competences in the digital area.

More information will come soon.

You can contact your national coordinator:
Switzerland: pan[at]
France: nmoquet[at]
Italy: martin.rance[at]
Spain: aagullo[at]
Romania : acdcassociation[at]

The results will be communicated on 15 May 2014 and the winners will participate at the Final Workshop which will take place in Bucharest in the period 26-28 June 2014.

Good Luck to everyone!

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